This page may be about me. However, it’s really about you

After graduating from the Art Institute majoring in graphic design, I have worked for a variety of clients, agencies and businesses, with a diversity of needs. Flexibility is the key to great marketing and design. Have you ever worked with a designer and felt like they, “didn’t get you?” When it comes to your marketing campaign and brand management it is 100%, all about “you!

A great design starts with a conversation. The conversation you and I will have is to learn more about you, your needs, your goals, your dreams. From our conversation, together, we will make your goals and dreams a reality.

Here are a few of my superpowers…

Brand Identity: You might say, “What is brand identity?” It is not just your logo, but everything beyond the logo. This is how your customers see you. I’ve taken clients from identity crisis to identity found.

Illustrator: Ever since I was a kid, I love to draw. I am asked all the time, “What can you draw?” or “What do you like to draw?” The answer is simple… I can draw anything, and I like to draw everything. This is not just a sketch. These are illustrations to create characters, logos, layouts, instruction booklets, safety cards, books and more.

Office Presentations: Energize your meetings with innovative, engaging presentations. From PowerPoints, booklets, custom binders, give away items, and more. Together we can make your presentations more fun, enjoyable and drive sales home.

Websites & Social: This is often the first impression your customers will get of your business. Potential customers look you up online and on social media to learn more about you. Don’t let your first impression be your last. Together we can make your first impression, a long lasting impression.

Photography & Video: Yes, it’s cliche… A picture is worth a thousand words. However, it is true to this day. Quality photography and video go a long way to show your customers products and services. It is more than just snapping a pic and posting on your social page. Remember the first impression thing from the last paragraph…?

Trade-show displays: People love trade-shows. It is an opportunity to showcase your products and services face to face. Plus, the swag! Trade-show goers love swag. We can build a great trade-show booth, with some awesome swag for your customers. Trade-shows offer great ROI.

Vehicle Wraps & Large Format: Ten’s of thousands of people see your car or truck each month. Plus, when you are parked out front of a customers home or office, others take notice. Vehicle wraps are long lasting, can be changed out at anytime, and do not ruin the finish of your vehicle. I do billboard designs as well. However, why would you get a billboard or a banner, when you can wrap a vehicle and drive your advertisement around?

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