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For as long as I can remember I love to create. I always enjoy illustrating people, cars, planes, comics and anything else that I’m interested in drawing. I am very thankful that I was able to turn this love of illustration into a successful career in graphic design. It has been said, “A person who loves what they do, doesn’t work a day in their life…” This has to be true. Ever since I was paid for my first design project, I have not worked a day in my life. The passion that I have for graphic design will show in every project.

experience | I have worked with a variety of clients, agencies and companies during my design career. I have been designing professionally since 1996. There is a lot more to my career, but this is the most recent of my work experience.

Starting 2008 I have worked for the Silver Agency in Centralia as the Creative Director. My role is to grow the agency by coming up with and offering new services to their clients. Since my start with the agency I have helped them to offer web design, large format printing, photography, illustration and introducing the agency to new vendors to expand the services offered. Plus, I am responsible for the quality of all work from the designers, while keeping projects within budget.

In 2007 I worked for Print Northwest in Tacoma. While there I built their new large format department from the ground up. It started with 3 Mimaki printers, 1 iGen and 1 employee (me). It has grown to one of the largest printers in the Northwest, with a wonderful talented staff. As the manager of the department, my role included hiring staff, tracking print projects, printer maintenance, creating print profiles, manage supplies, and quality control.

Graphic Concepts of Olympia hired me in 2005. While there I did work on a variety of projects from illustration, photography, web, and print design as their senior designer.

About 2001, Kompan, Inc. is a Danish playground company with an office in Tacoma. While there I was the Marketing Director. I enjoyed designing all of their marketing materials, scheduling and planning their trade shows, and setting up the annual meetings for the sales staff. My role also included creating marketing plans, scheduling advertising, product photo shoots, and building their brand recognition in North America. Also, I set up the process to make realistic presentations for playground project bids. This process, although expanded upon since my departure, is still used to this day.

There is plenty of other professional experience that was the foundation to my career in design. I will always remember the art directors I worked with, and what they taught me. It is important for me to continually learn and better my craft for the benefit of my clients and employers.

Recently, I was featured in Photoshop User magazine. This was a great opportunity to showcase my work, and it has been successful in bringing further opportunities my way. Please take the time to review the article.

education | In 1998 I graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle. During my time at AIS I worked to learn not just the software, but how to use the programs as tool. Our brains are the creative part of us. The software is just a tool intended to be used creatively.

Before attending AIS I received my Associates Degree from Highline Community College.

technical knowledge | The tools I have in my kit are:
adobe creative suite
MAC/PC | doesn’t matter. I’m proficient with both
nikon | including studio lighting, filters, reflectors, various lenses, back drops
sketch book | I am always drawing/sketching. This is how the creative process begins
microsoft office | word, excel, powerpoint
code | php, html, jQuery, MySql, flash, CSS, wordpress

skill knowledge | Here is in my knowledge database (and the list keeps growing):
illustration | logos, business identity, hand drawn illustrations
print design | business cards, letterhead, brochures, programs, catalogs, posters, anything else print
large format | vehicle wraps, banners, trade show graphics, signage, displays
web design | new websites, refurbish a current site, online ads
photography | portraits, aerial, landscapes, sports, vehicles, family, lifestyle, wildlife

This is only what I have listed off the top of my head. There are no limitations to what I can bring to any project. Contact me and find out more.

personal | While design is a joy of my life. My wife and daughter are who inspire me to be the best I can be in business and in daily life. When I am not working on a project, I am enjoying family time, getting outdoors on my bike, or flying. My father was a pilot, and I have been flying ever since I could reach the yoke. Now I get the pleasure of teaching my daughter to fly, just like my dad taught me. I earned my pilots license at the age of 18. In me you will find a person of honor and integrity. I bring this most important skill set to every project and life experience.